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Reinventing Patient Medical Billing and Collections

Like millions of Americans our story begins with a surprise, expensive medical bill that I received. I had no idea how much the hospital charged and never thought my high deductible plan would really get used. With the Affordable Care Act, health care plans have become exceptionally complex to determine if a provider is in network and how much a patient will have to pay out of pocket.

With this significant increase in patient out-of-pocket expense, we sought to provide groups and hospitals with tools to simplify medical patient billing, so that patients know how much their out of pocket expense will be prior to medical services, procedures, and tests being performed. Our patent pending technology engages the patient in the process of checking insurance coverage, estimating the billing codes, generating an estimate, and making payment. No other solution automates the estimation of billing codes and engages the patient in the payment process prior to their appointment. We will also coordinate cost of surgeries form the surgeon, hospital, and anesthesiologist, so patients know the full cost of the surgery.

There is no upfront cost for this service. We charge a low transaction fee, so that there is no barrier to using the service. With reduced medical debt, improved cash flow, and higher patient satisfaction, every group, hospital and patient should want to use Enablemyhealth. Start today by activating your free account and contacting us!

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