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Eliminate Surprise Medical Bills!

Unexpected medical bills have become the norm in healthcare. With the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, healthcare plans have become very complex. Patients get upset and this negatively impacts patient satisfaction and even patient care. Physician groups and hospitals are then in the position to collect payment from a patient who doesn’t think they owe. This is a broken process that requires a fundamental change in patient billing – we call it the UpFront process!

Moving the Process UpFront!

Providing patients medical estimates prior to medical services is beneficial to patients, medical groups, imaging centers, and hospitals. Patients know how much the medical service, procedure or test costs them prior to having the service or procedure, so they can plan for any out of pocket expense that their insurance will not cover. Physicians and hospitals are able to offer payment plans and collect estimated payments before or at the time of service, which keeps administrative costs low and allows patients to spend less time in the office.

Collections Management and Notification!

Entering insurance, validating insurance, and collecting patient payments is a laborious process. Enablemyhealth checks insurance and engages the patient and staff throughout the entire process with our intelligent notification engine that calls, texts, and emails to entering or reviewing key insurance information and notifying them to make payments on outstanding balances. No more worrying about insurance not being valid or required authorizations, or invalid credit card – Enablemyhealth alerts the patient and staff until the problem is resolved. All of the notification messages and settings are customizable.

How it works:

1. Make or Request an Appointment

The process of estimating medical expenses starts with either calling to make an appointment or requesting an appointment through Enablemyhealth. Using the Enablemyhealth calendar allows patient problems and diagnosis to easily be entered. Existing patient registration and appointment calendars in other systems can be used by exchanging this information with Enablemyhealth, so existing work flow does not need to change.

2. Validate Insurance

With an appointment set, insurance information is electronically validated. Patients are notified to enter or check their insurance or payment method. Existing problems/diagnosis are imported from another system or are enter by the patient or staff.

3. Generated Medical Estimate

Based on insurance information, patient problems (diagnosis), and type of appointment, our patent pending UpFront engine selects the most likely billing codes for the patient visit, treatment, test or procedure. All billing codes are shown on the right with the percentage frequency of use. UpFront determines if the provider is an in-network member for a patient’s insurance plan and retrieves the charges and contract (allowed) amounts for the bill codes. Maximum out of pocket remaining, deductible remaining, coinsurance, and copays are calculated yielding an estimated patient out-of-pocket expense. If insurance cannot be validated, then staff or billing members are alerted to collect and enter this information manually. Once the estimates are reviewed for accuracy and billing changes are made, the estimate is sent to the patient with custom notifications via voice call, text message, and/or email.

4. Patient Reviews Estimate and Pays

Patients securely access the estimate either prior to their appointment or that day or anytime they owe. Printing the estimate provides information describing the estimate. Any questions a patient has can be sent with a click of a button.

5. Collect Payments

Patients are then prompted to make credit/debit card or ACH payments. Organizations have the option of providing payment plan options to the patient with or without interest or fees. Monthly payment plans feature manages charging the patient’s credit card every 30 days. Enablemyhealth will send notifications if the payment is ever rejected or the card is about to expire. Accounts have the ability to manage payment allocations and print financial reports.

System Interfaces

Patient registration, appointments, diagnosis, billing codes, payments, and balance Information can be exchanged with existing practice management or hospital information system to streamline the process from appointment making to patient payments. Existing patient balances can also be managed and notified by Enablemyhealth. Appointment notifications are included in this service and fully configurable.

Insurance and Plan Database and Contract Management

A centralized Insurance and payer plans database is provided to track which insurers and plans a provider is contracted with as in network. This database is used in the calculation process. No longer will you have to search for contracts and credentialing information, Enablemyhealth allows insurer contracts and other credentialing information can be uploaded and managed through the system. Contract pricing can be imported and even compared to the ERA payment data.

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