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Effective healthcare with the highest patient satisfaction only comes from companies that partner to support the healthcare ecosystem. We have two partner programs that help physicians, hospitals and patients to utilize Enablemyhealth in an effective way: (1) Billing Company Partners and (2) Information Systems Partners.

1. Billing Company Partner Program: Own Your Customers

Enablemyhealth Biller Reseller Program enables medical billing companies to improve cash flow for your customers, reduce bad debt, and make patient collections process more efficient. As the patient portion of medical bills are increasing to more than 30% of all collections, billing partners need to be able to solve the delay in patient collections and prevent an increase in bad debt. Enablemyhealth moves the billing process Upfront to improve cash flow and reduce bad debt, while also improving patient satisfaction with patients by preventing surprise medical billings. Furthermore, partners can provide additional verification services for physicians and appointment notification to improve claims processing efficiency.

You’ll own the entire sales cycle from account management, client prospecting, and billing.

You’ll own the entire sales cycle from account management, client prospecting, and billing. After successfully meeting the Box Referral Program requirements, partners can progress to one of three reseller tiers. Each tier is designed and built with real support, real benefits and real partner perks to help accelerate sales and drive growth. Partners typically move from Member to Premier to Elite based on monthly patient collections attained.

2. Information System Partner Program: Integrate to Enhance Customers

Practice Management, Electronic Health Record and hospital information systems can easily integrate with the Enablemyhealth community or even provide your own private labeled solution. Enablemyhealth can provide an enhanced form of patient collections, point of service collections and appointment notifications as well as a complete patient portal. Contact us today to find out how you can offer this advanced technology to your customers.

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